10 Ways YOU Can Make Your Images Better

Here are 10 things that YOU can do to help us create those fantastic images we both want!!

1. Plan for your photos.  Its that 30 minutes or so after your formals, but before your reception starts.  We need  this 20-30 minutes alone to create some of those relaxed romantic portraits that everyone loves.  Its this session that allows us to get creative and do some fun, relaxed, and romantic stuff.  This is the number one way to ensure great images.  Give us the time to take them.  So please, plan it into your schedule.

2. Plan in a realistic amount of time for your hair and makeup.  This is the number one time line killer at weddings.  Remember, that they will likely have more to do than expected with all the girls there, and Mom’s too.  Everyone will want a little touch up done, which can easily put you behind schedule.  Nothing adds stress to your day like running behind.

3. Don’t overdo the makeup.  This is especially true for those of you that normally don’t wear much.  You want to look like you would normally look to go out for the evening.  Many brides think that they need more makeup for the “pictures”.  This simply isn’t true. Some makeup is fine, but you don’t want to appear drastically different than normal.  Same goes for suntanning.  The day before you get married is not the time to get a tan; and the spray on kind will make you look orange.

4. Drink responsibly .  Sounds silly, and we aren’t trying to sound preachy here, but moderation is the key, you don’t want to get so sloshed that you cant remember the day. (Or the night before) No one looks really good when they’ve had too much to drink.  Also, make it a point to eat something, as it helps you hold what alcohol you do drink, and keeps your energy level up all day too.

5. Make sure all your important family members know they are supposed to go back to the altar (or wherever your ceremony was) immediately  following the ceremony for the formal photographs.  If all the players are there, we can do the formals quickly, and get everyone on to the reception (more time for you as well).  However if we have to hunt down Uncle Harry…then all bets are off.

6. Its your party, ENJOY it!!  We want to see you on the dance floor, so party on!

7. Here’s a big one.  During your key dances…ie your first dance, and parent dances…LOOK AT EACH OTHER!!!  This is the time you have been waiting for.  Go ahead, get emotional, get mushy, and forget about all the guests.  Forget about me.  If I need you to look into the camera I’ll ask trust me, but what I REALLY want is you two looking into each others eyes on this most special moment.  Same goes for your parents dances.  Remember this is a HUGE moment for them too, so acknowledge the stature of the moment by sharing it with them…look them in the eye…you wont be sorry!!

8. Be on time.  This goes without saying of course, but like I said above, nothing ups the stress levels quite like running behind.  Some things are gonna just seem to run late, and that’s no problem;  however a little pre-planning in these problem areas can ensure that your day runs smoother and your blood pressure  remains much lower.  I know several of these tips have centered around time, but it truly is the one mood killer.   Its hard to stop and smell the roses….when you’re running late already.  The first thing that gets cut when you are behind is always the photo time, (see #1)  which should be the one area that is never touched.  Nevertheless, it is.

9. Delegate all the tasks for the day.  That’s why you have bridesmaids!!!  Their whole job for the day is not to party, its to help you!!  Sure they get to party….but job number one is to make sure that you are attended to.  (thus the term attendants).   The less stuff you have to worry about on your big day the better.  Delegate and relax.

10. Plan your exit strategy.   This avoids you incurring overtime charges from your DJ and caterer, and brings the event to a nice emotional closure.  (which of course makes for great pictures too).  That way you can get out of dodge, and the guests will know its over, and not feel obligated to stay, and by doing #9 above, all your stuff will be attended too while you whisk off to your honeymoon!!

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