High School Senior Portrait Information

Top 10 Myth’s about Senior Portraits by Mark Gardner

10. You have to spend a lot to come here.

NOT TRUE! Although many of our clients love their portraits and do spend a lot on them, we also have clients that spend less.

9. You have to be a “size 4″ to come here.

NOT TRUE! We try to make everyone look their best. If you are concerned about your size, we can bring out other good features like a beautiful face or eyes and hide anything you are uncomfortable with.

8. I have to buy pictures from who my school says.

WRONG! Your school might dictate who you have to get a yearbook shot done by. But today senior portraits are so much more than just a formal yearbook photo. The school should not dictate who you have make your photographs. Pick the photographer whose style you like and buy portraits from whomever you choose. If you don’t like the work of the school photographer, recommend the school choose another photographer!

7.Some pictures look kind of sexy, do I have to do that.

NO! Just be you! Some people are conservative, so we treat them that way. Some people want to look like a super model, so we treat them that way. We judge a lot by the clothing you bring. We want you to look your best, but at the same time, be comfortable and who you are.

6. We charge extra for everything.

NOT TRUE! Special effects and minor retouching are included. A few special things require a small extra charge, but we won’t nickle and dime you with extra fees.

5. We are expensive.

NOT TRUE! If you compare how much is an 8×10, or how much is a set of wallets, you will find that our prices are in line with other studios. Our session fees are very affordable, and have options for every budget. What does often happen is that our clients love our portraits and want to buy them ALL!

4. It takes months to get an appointment.

NOT TRUE! Although the more popular times book further ahead, you might be able to get in reasonably quick. So for these more popular time spots, we suggest booking 5-6 weeks ahead. For normal studio times, you can probably get in with 3-4 weeks notice in summer / early fall, 2 weeks most of the rest of the year.

3. Mark Gardner Photography portraits all look the same.

NO WAY! We do mostly location sessions. Got a cool location in mind, give us a call! We don’t want your portraits to look the same any more than you do. After all, that why people come to us!

2. Getting your picture taken is boring.

WRONG! Mark likes to have fun and is pretty laid back. Everyone has a blast here. It’s much better than standing in line at the school while you wait on the person in front of you.

1. We can make anyone look good.

OK, you got us on that one!

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