Congratulations on your engagement! I'm thrilled that you are interested in looking at our work a bit closer. We'd sincerely like to invite you into our studio to not just hear your wedding plans and sell you on our services, but to get to know you and your finace. We spend a considerable amount of time with our clients, many often call us up long after the wedding to photograph their maternity, newborn, kids, and family portaits. It's these relationships that help us to grow and evolve with you and your families, we don't just want to photograph your wedding, we want to capture your 'life' for these are the memories that will be passed on through the generations. So please, come on it and lets get to know one another. We include complimentary engagement sessions with all of our wedding coverage options. This session is so much fun, and one of the best ways for you to see how we work. You'll get to experience what it's like to be photographed by Mark, you'll directly experience his vision and he'll explain a lot about why he does what he does in order to make the images he knows you want to see. You might consider it a 'dress rehearsal', no more 'like a date with a third wheel', no it's better than that. Anyway, it's a great time, and you'll have a blast while we make great images. On wedding day, we'll be the one and only vendor you choose who will be with you all day! Were not the guy who's going to stand in the corner, you know 'the artist that cant be disturbed'. We are very much part of your day, not taking over or over shadowing you in any way, we are there to laugh with, to cry with, to make fun of, whatever you feel jsut like one of your best friends, the only difference is we'll be capturing those laughs,tears, hugs, and moments forever, and we'll do it in a way that you'll hardly remember us being there, well not really, but the focus is on you, your family, and friends.